Selasa, November 01, 2011

Cars' Battery Theft Cases

 On 25th October, there was an issue regarding cars’ battery theft cases around the area of Pusanika. Consequently, CCC representatives Alvin Yap and Lum Kok Kiong, Biro Sukan, Kesenian dan Kebudayaan PMUKM went to Wisma Aman to follow up the details. After meeting with the head of Wisma Aman, we would like to share some information here.
    On 20th October, 5 Proton cars’ battery theft cases occurred near Pusanika which left no fingerprint on the car. So, Wisma Aman believed that the criminal might be an expert on this sphere.After receiving complaints from students, Wisma Aman sent a few plainclothes officers patrol around that suspicious area, but in vain.
    Collaboration between students and Wisma Aman is required in order to reduce crimes. If anyone happens to see any suspicious people or improper action, you may contact Wisma Aman at 03-8921 4444.