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Muhammad Sallehudin Bin Khalid

Presiden PMUKM Sesi 14/15

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Selasa, Oktober 28, 2014


14 Oktober 2014, UKM BANGI - Satu pertemuan PMUKM bersama Ir Hassanuddin Mohamad, Ketua Unit Elektrik Jabatan Pembangunan dan Penyelenggaraan (JPP) telah diadakan berikutan aduan kerosakan lampu jalan sekitar kampus UKM. Hasil tinjauan yang kami lakukan, terdapat lebih daripada 15 lokasi kerosakan lampu jalan sekitar UKM dan kesemua kerosakan tersebut telah kami bawakan untuk tindakan lanjut pihak JPP.

Terdapat banyak kawasan kritikal kerosakan lampu jalan ini antaranya di laluan menuju ke FUU, FPEND, FKAB, FTSM, FST, Pusanika dan Ke Masjid. Bagi kawasan kolej kediaman, banyak kerosakan juga berlaku seperti dalam senarai yang dinyatakan.

Untuk maklumat mahasiswa/I sekalian, kerosakan lampu jalan disekitar kawasan kolej kediaman perlulah dibuat aduan kepada pengetua kolej masing-masing kerana perkara tersebut bukan dibawah seliaan JPP.

InsyaAllah dengan kerjasama dan bantuan dari rakan-rakan MEP yang lain dapat kita bersama-sama membawakan kebajikan mahasiswa ini untuk perhatian pihak yang berkenaan.

30 Oktober 2014, UKM BANGI - Hasil aduan yang dibuat PMUKM kepada JPP beberapa minggu lepas, baik pulih lampu jalan telah dibuat oleh pihak JPP, UKM.
Terima Kasih , JPP UKM.

Syed Najib Syed Yahya
MPP Fakulti Pendidikan
Biro Sukan dan Kebudayaan
PMUKM Sesi 13/14

::Bersama Mahasiswa Memacu Varsiti::

Khamis, Oktober 09, 2014


8 Oktober 2014, UKM Bangi - The argument of university ranking once again hits Malaysian atmosphere when The Malay Mail Online has reported that Malaysian universities are not in top 200 global ranking while Singapore has improved in its ranking.1 This issue is a concern for Malaysians, especially Lim Kit Siang who has been consistently criticising Malaysian Education System and recently slammed The Minister of Education due to the failure of restoring Malaysian Education image to its glory after 5 years.2 UM and UKM were in the highlight, as these universities were found boycotting from participating in The Higher Education World University Rankings assessment. Lim Kit Siang personally does not agree with the decision even though both administrations have expressed their reasons for boycotting.3 Fahmi Zainol, President of University Malaya Student Association (PMUM) personally agrees with these universities’ actions and stated that these universities should rather be praised.4 


It is always an honour to know that UKM was the only Malaysian University that was in the top 20 QS World University Ranking for university below 50 years Old5 and recently has increased its position from 269 to 259 in the QS World University Ranking 2014-2015.6 However, as the President of The National University of Malaysia Students Union (PMUKM), I felt ashamed that UKM did not participate in the Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking (THE). It appears as such a student who did not seat for the final exam after struggling for the whole year, only wasting time and money. The question of being selective in assessment aroused; normally if you were truly excellent, you will remain excellent regardless of different assessment.

Is UKM really avoiding this assessment and do nothing about it? The new Vice-Chancellor of UKM was appointed on 1st January 2014 as Prof Datuk Noor Azlan Ghazali replaces Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Prof. Dr. Sharifah Hapsah binti Syed Hasan Shahabudin.7 From his talk, he was really concerned about the challenges of maintaining UKM in a realistic way to compete with other universities globally. As UKM regain Research University and Autonomous University from The Ministry of Education, UKM is driven to be more self-dependent instead of government-dependent as such previously. As one of the other top universities in the world, UKM must generate their own wealth and stop asking for more funds from the government.

To become one of the top universities in the world, 6 Key Result Area (KRA) was established and special department was formed to ensure UKM will follow the track. STRATEGI-UKM which is directly under the Vice Chancellor was officially launched on 1st May 2014 to monitor UKM towards it success.8 The 6 KRA are:
  1.  Graduan Beridentiti Nasional, Berkompeten dan Berdaya Inovasi
  2.   Penyelidikan dan Inovasi yang Berimpak Tinggi
  3.   Perhubungan Strategik dan Perkongsian Pintar
  4.  Tenaga Kerja Kompeten dan Inovatif
  5.   Penjanaan Kekayaan Strategik dan Intensif
  6.  Prasarana Ilmu yang Kondusif

This shows UKM willingness to go in depth to keep the university coop with other top universities. Is this indicator/6KRA suitable and will contribute for better UKM ranking in the future? Let’s compare this KRA with the THE methodology in assessing university rank. The THE was based in true performance and neglecting a methodological change, they will asset 13 performance indicators that are divided into five different fields which are 9:

  1.     Teaching: the learning environment (30%)
  2.     Research: volume, income and reputation (30%)
  3.     Citations: research influence (30%)
  4.     Industry income: innovation (2.5%)
  5.     International outlook: staff, student and research (7.5%)

From just a quick observation, the KRA was covering the performance indicator that was made by the THE. This shows that UKM was in the track and is available to be assessed by THE, thus UKM should have no problems to get to the top university spot ranking. Why still boycotting for this year?  If the reason was the limited evaluation period upon establishment of STRATEGIC UKM, then what happened to the UKM TRANSFORMATION PLAN (2008 – 2018)? According to the transformation plan, UKM should be in Phase III where “accelerating to be the leading university of the world” moving to Phase IV in 2018 where UKM will achieve 100% of its Excellence Indicators in Governance, Leadership, Teaching & Learning, Academia and Research & Innovation.10 It is not fair to say that our universities are not doing anything good and did not create any potential of progress. I urge Lim Kit Siang to praise and support out local universities especially UKM for its vision towards excellence. Yet, the question is, “what, how, who and when is the problem?” and why our universities keep falling?

What is Happening in our University

As stated both in UKM 6KRA and the THE performance indicator, university’s culture, environment and research were the main contributors towards the university excellent. Taking the side of culture and environment of most public universities in Malaysia, the environment was not helping to most students for them to explore more on variety of fields. Well, what would be the value of our university then when the discussions in “jalanan” and “kedai mamak” concepts have seem to be increasing every year. Students felt that the culture of wisdom is zero right inside the campus.

There are so many political interventions inside of our university. I still remember the 1998 great debate that was conducted in UKM between UMNO VS PAS and yet since then, there was no more. The appreciation of scholar was bias, only scholars who are in the same political agenda are being acknowledged. For instance, Dato’ Dr. Haron Din who was the Deputy Dean in the Islamic Studies Faculty, UKM (1977-1985) was never being invited to UKM again even though he lives cross by the campus. The value of knowledge is absolutely zero due to political interventions. Alumni who are in the opposition were not acknowledged as much as alumni who are observed as neutral or “the same political view”.

In the area of research, our university cannot provide the demands. Some of the research needs to be conducted outside of the campus as universities are unable to provide with the right equipments. But this situation can either be an advantages or disadvantages. Then what left is, researchers need to find suitable base facilities research in order to make the research possible. This situation in fact will limit the university research output. Besides that, unequal assets in research studies would occur. Research based on science and technology was given the privilege compared to studies based on economic, sociology arts which have also lead to shortage of research publish every year. There are also some of our academicians who felt that publishing paper is not that important for his/her career. All of this matter needs to be handled first. 

Personally, for what really happening in the university, the plan cannot be run very well. What will happen is, some may benefit from it and some other will not, and this situation will not lead to the university’s achievement in mass scale.


UKM must participate in THE world ranking next year for a better evaluation on its performance. STRATEGIC-UKM must engage with more bodies or individuals in order to achieve the 6KRA and lead towards excellence. For breakthrough, UKM shall invite personal like Lim Kit Siang or others for an open engagement regarding the university’s rank and performance. I believe UKM can be spotted back on the top 200 World University better than 2006 in which UKM has made at 185 place of the QS-THES World Ranking. 

Mustapha Kamil Husen Abdul Kadir
MPP Fakulti Kejuruteraan dan Alam Bina Tahun 3/4
YDP PMUKM Sesi 13/14

::Bersama Mahasiswa Memacu Varsiti::

Jumaat, Oktober 03, 2014


2 Oktober 2014 - Kerajaan Malaysia dibawah Dato’ Seri Najib Razak telah mengumumkan kenaikan harga minyak Ron95 dan Diesel sekaligus menimbulkan pelbagai persepsi dalam kalangan rakyat. Seperti biasa, apabila diajukan mengenai isu kenaikan harga komoditi ini Kerajaan masih lagi menggunakan alasan yang sama iaitu untuk mengurangkan beban subsidi petrol yang terpaksa ditanggung kerajaan saban tahun. Namun, kerajaanberjanji untuk mengurangkan beban kos sara hidup rakyat dengan meningkatkan nilai bantuan (BR1M) dalam pembentangan Bajet 2015 akan datang.

Melihat kepada trend kenaikan harga petrol dalam tempoh setahun terdapat beberapa persoalan yang boleh dibangkitkan berkenaan dengan tindakan kerajaan ini. Apa yang dapat dilihat, rakyat sekali lagi berdepan dengan kenaikan kos sara hidup melalui kenaikan harga dan ditambah pula dengan pelaksanaan cukai barang dan perkhidmatan dalam masa kurang dari setahun. Pastinya jumlah pendapatan yang diterima tidak setimpal dengan nilai wang yang dibelanjakan menyebabkan kuasa beli pengguna menurun dan jumlah penggunaan isi rumah turut merosot. Hal ini turut menyebabkan pertumbuhan ekonomi menjadi lembab. Kesan daripada iklim ekonomi yang lembab menyebabkan kadar pengangguran meningkat lebih-lebih lagi dalam kalangan mahasiswa yang baru menamatkan pengajian. Golongan peniaga yang tidak beretika pula akan mengambil kesempatan ini dengan menaikkan harga makanan dan minuman di kedai masing-masing atas alsan kenaikan harga minyak. 

Rentetan dari kenaikan harga minyak tempiasnya turut dirasai oleh mahasiswa khususnya yang mempunyai kenderaan pasti mereka akan berfikir banyak kali sebelum mengisi petrol untuk memastikan perbelanjaan sepanjang pengajian mencukupi. Namun mahasiswa tidak mempunyai banyak pilihan selain terpaksa menelan hakikat bahawa kenaikan harga petrol tidak dapat tidak terpaksa jua ditempuhi oleh mereka. Mahasiswa hanya boleh membantah dan bersuara menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati mereka tetapi apakan daya mahasiswa hanya boleh bertindak sekadar itu sahaja kerana kuasa menaikkan dan menurunkan terletak di tangan kerajaan. 

Bagi pihak PMUKM, kami berasa amat kesal dengan tindakan kerajaan yang menaikkan harga minyak dikala Hari Raya Aidiladha bakal menjelma beberapa hari lagi dan ini sedikit sebanyak memberi kesan terhadap harga ternakan korban dan bagi mahasiswa yang ingin pulang ke kampung juga akan terkena tempiasnya. 
Kami tegas dengan pendirian untuk tidak menyokong akan kenaikan ini dan pelaksanaannya dibuat tanpa mengambil kira pandangan pelbagai pihak.

Muhammad Sallehudin Khalid 
MPP Umum Tahun 3/4
Naib Yang Dipertua 
PMUKM 2013/2014

::Bersama Mahasiswa Memacu Varsiti::

Rabu, Oktober 01, 2014


17 September - 27 September 2014, UKM Bangi - Perjalanan Minggu Pengenalan Pelajar (M3P) Persatuan Mahasiswa UKM telah berjalan lancar dan jayanya pada 17-27 / 9 /2014. Dengan bertemakan #inibarurare, membawakan suatu kelainan kepada mahasiswa UKM sepanjang program berlangsung. Dengan dihadiri oleh mahasiswa dari pelbagai latarbelakang pengajian mahupun bidang dan tidak terkecuali kakitangan UKM sendiri. Di pihak kami menyediakan pelbagai aktiviti dan program untuk memberikan mahasiswa UKM merasa kebersamaan PMUKM sesi kali ini. Sesi kali ini juga menjadikan bilik PMUKM sebagai tempat berlangsungnya M3P, dengan membuka seluas-luasnya pintu memberi ruang dan peluang kepada mahasiswa UKM untuk mengunjunginya.

Diantara aktiviti yang dianjurkan semasa M3P adalah seperti “Jika Saya YDP PMUKM” yang mana menarik mahasiswa untuk meletakkan diri mereka seperti YDP PMUKM pada masa ini. Kami akan bertanyakan kepada mereka apa yang mereka akan lakukan jika mereka sebagai YDP PMUKM.

Salah seorang mahasiswa UKM mengayakan dirinya ketika di temat YDP PMUKM

Selain itu, sempena Hari Malaysia kami menganjurkan aktiviti “Harapan Saya” yang mana mahasiswa UKM akan menulis harapan mereka  untuk Malaysia diatas kertas kan menampalkan nya di sebatang pokok harapan.

Dipihak PMUKM, kami menawarkan kepada mahasiswa UKM aktiviti “Meeting Cara MPP” yang mana membawa kepada mahasiswa UKM untuk melawat dan merasakan kelainan di billik meeting PMUKM dan sedikit sebanyak memotivasikan mahasiswa UKM untuk lebih berkepimpinan.

Pada tanggal 24 / 9 / 2014, sempena perasmian penutup oleh TNC HEPA yaitu Prof Datin Noor Aziah binti Mohd Nawal. Kami menganjurkan pelbagai aktivi tambahan yang mana kami membawa seorang bloger UKM yaitu Azfar Hamdi (MRTHEALLSHARED), merupakan pelajar Fakulti Sains Teknologi dan Maklumat yang mana berkongsi tentang Dakwah Media bersama dengan mahasisa UKM. kami juga membawakan 2 ekor ular albino dan sawa untuk menarik minat Mahasiswa UKM untuk mengunjungi hari perasmian tersebut. Pelbagai reaksi dan kerenah mahasiswa pada ketika itu kami hadapi untuk bergambar bersama ular tersebut. Selain itu juga kami malakukan aktiviti “Fear Factor PMUKM” yang mana membawa keterujaan kepada mahasiswa UKM unutk memasuki aktiviti tersebut. Ada yang hanya separuh jalan da nada juga yang berjaya.
Mahasiswa yang sempat bergambar dengan ular albino
Bersama bloger UKM, Azfar Hamdi.
Mahasiswa yang berjaya melepasi cabaran Fear Factor PMUKM

Akhir kalam, kami di pihak PMUKM mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada mahasiswa dan mahasiswi yang terlibat menjayakan program ini secara langsung dan tidak langsung. Kami mengharapkan mahasiswa UKM terus bersama-bersama PMUKM untuk menjunjung usaha pihak pentadbir UKM untuk menjadikan UKM sebagai “Guardian Of Nation” agar terus releven di mata masyarakat.

Mohamad fadhli Mohd Asimoni
MPP Umum Tahun 1/2
Biro Pembangunan Mahasiswa PMUKM 13/14

::Bersama Mahasiswa Memacu Varsiti::