Jumaat, Mac 01, 2013


             During my childhood time, many of the elders said that when police caught some of the Philippines’ illegal immigrant, these immigrants told the police that they will never surrender and some day they will proclaim SABAH, as Sulu Sultanate Colony. 
             And as for today, we have heard upon the invasion of Lahad Datu from a group of people who claimed themselves as a “Sulu Army” and on the first March of 2013, the real situation happened, shooting occurred, man died and two of our national heroes, fight and died in honor to defend our national sovereignty in Sabah and to be exact, Lahad Datu.
            Despite this worrisome war occurring at this exact moment, questions rises as there is no cover until recently on any news about this Lahad Datu incident while our neighborhood countries and some international stations have been actively covering and dismantling the invasion of Lahad Datu. People of Sabah are the closest to face the tragedy everyday and they are questioning when the action from the Malaysian force would be coming. 
            Is Sabah not as important as UMNO and Barisan Nasional who continuously dream of winning Kelantan and Selangor? Is Sabah not worthy to fight for? Where is the spirit of Lawan tetap Lawan? And some may relate this invasion with full of conspiracy and political issues. 
            In spite of all the conspiracy and political issues, the real question to be highlighted is to save the endangered Lahad Datu, Sabah. Protecting it from war and bloodshed is one thing, but to save Lahad Datu for eternal is the way, for Lahad Datu is one of the special regions in Sabah. People of Lahad Datu are one unique diversity that Sabah has. Do not fail Lahad Datu for the shame and sorrow of Malaysian losing Pulau Batu Putih are still incurable.
         However, if this tragedy is indeed, an agenda for any particular political party to survive, my fellow Sabahan, we are being fully humiliated and neglected as from ‘their’ side of view; Sabah is just vital for oil, General Election and PATI residency. Pray and hope for people of Lahad Datu. Fight fiercely please, our Malaysian heroes and Government, show that you are “really” elected by the people of Sabahan.

Mustapha Kamil Husen bin Abd Kadir
Pengerusi Biro Perhubungan Antarabangsa
PMUKM 12/13