Jumaat, Oktober 21, 2011

Speech For Chiang Mai University Visiting

The Vice President 1  of PMUKM 2010/2011 Speech for Chiang Mai University Visting
Theme: “Towards Malaysia-Thailand Collaboration, Student Volunteerism For Meaningful & Sustainable Community Development”
Date: 20/10/11
Time: 8.30am – 5pm
Venue: Puri Pujangga, UKM

Introduction of Students Representative Council 2010/2011(PMUKM)

The Students Representative Council of  The National University of Malaysia (PMUKM)  is a council formed by the students comprising of both under-graduates and post graduates in UKM through campus election. Hence, the students from different schools or faculties are sitting in the council with the theme “ Together With Students, Realization Varsity”. We uphold 4 principles in our tenure, namely, 
i. Student Welfare Through Sustainable Agenda
ii. Freedom of Academic & Dinamism Intelectual
iii. Human Development & Leadership with Intergriti
iv. Social Justice & Global Collaboration.

With the 7 Secretariat and 137 societies as well as clubs in UKM (Student Welfare in Dormitory College, Organization with specific objectice, academic organization in faculties, clubs from the respective origins state), we, PMUKM are the main medium between the university and the students, thus we are highly motivated to executing our obligations in the council, university,society and the country.

One of our university policies is the Learning Contract. Students are required to conduct and be actively involve in activities of their choice so as to fulfill the 8 criterias, Social & Responsibility, Communication, Data Management and Continuos Learning, Value, Attitude and Profesionalism, Critical Thinking, Solving Problems and Scientific approach, Leadership and Groupwork, Management and Entrepeunership, Creative and Inovative. Hence, this Learning Contracts assures the participation of students in beneficial extra curicular activities.

How PMUKM is leading and encouraging student involvement in meaningful voluntere work & sustainable community development
Volunteerism is the involvement of volunteer labour. Sustainable community development means a long term development in the welfare of human. With this the organization structure of PMUKM, comprising of all the 33 students in the council are divided into 8 portfolios and are responsible of different job tasks, serving people with the honesty and trustworthiness. One of the main giant projects that we have done with regards to a meaningfull volunteertrism work & Sustainable Community is The 39th  Convocation Fiesta of the National University of Malaysia (Pesta Konvo). The theme of this fiesta “Apresiasi Melestarikan Kecermerlangan”  means Appreciation Denotes Excellence.  Throughout this fiesta, a series of programs were held not only in the university but also in the general community, which involved thousand of human labour from the students, the university, the people and the country into making all the programmes a success which we proudly annouce that it is.
            Hereby, for the purpose of this presentation, there are 3 highlighted events that we shall address, they  are:-
1.      3 July 2011- Mass Marketing, collecting used product or item for recycle from the local area and send it to recycle centre for Pesta Konvo funding. 100 people were involved in this event with the aim to “Go Green Malaysia”.
2.      July 2011- Community Day Care  - The resident in Bangi, Orphanage and kids with downsydrome. It was a full day program. Start from Aerobic Excersice, Coloring Contest, Fashion Show, Sport. Childern from kindergarden to elder adult.
3.      Invitation from the community Section 16 Bangi for community service
Volunteerism is always very challenging because it deals with people and demands more of public relations. The people must be ready to give without hoping for anything in return.
Even by having a systematic and planned schedule for the events, situation may change due the unexpected dealings with the human behaviour and nature. In may not be too difficult to do good; it is more difficult to be good. But to maintain a good mental attitude and to do some service to other in the face of accusation, crtitism and obstruction is most difficult of all. We have faced many challenges in these carrying out the events. Most problem arises out of the lack of communication skill such as shouting, commanding or lecturing. It is effective communication skills to members of the society  i.e being an attentive listener when dealing with others, and to be polite when expressing, that is necessary when leading people to being receptive of your ways and ideas. Challenges due to nature means rainy day or hot sun might affect the participation of people or the running of the entire program. Hence, the  ability to solve the unpredictable circrumstances could be a great challenge to all of the commitee members.
It is undeniable that we plan ahead before the event. We hope for the  best outcome, but the event might be obstructed  in the middle of the way but,  based on our overall experinces, advises and the credibility to solve and adapt accumulated shall be the effective medicine to solve the challenges.
Having contacted the people through the community services, we have continuous program for the people. Eg. One of the aims for The Community Day Care is to promote Convocation Fiesta and encourage the people to involved in such a meaningfull event. After this, the organizer have a series of discussion between Students from UKM and CMU, lets us share our experience and make our theme of  discussion turn into reality. From us, the PMUKM, co-opreration begin through the 8 Portfolio, 7 Secretariat and 137 Clubs in The National University of Malaysia with the community and the most importantly, The Chiang Mai University, cross-borders co-operation.
“ Together With Students, Realization Varsity”.
I end my speech with The Basic Law of the Mind:
As you See-so you Feel
As you Fell-so you Think
As you Think-so you Will
As you Will-so you Act.

With this, I thank you.

Prepared  by Phang Siew Chin,
The Vice President 1 of PMUKM

 The President of The Student Representative Union Chiang Mai University

Students from Chiang Mai University