Jumaat, Februari 18, 2011

Prof Ir Dr Othman appointed as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni)

By Abdul Ghani Nasir
Pix by Abd Raai Osman

BANGI, 16 Feb. 2011 – The director of UKM’s Centre for Information Technology and a Prof in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Prof Ir Dr Othman bin A. Karim has been appointed the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni).

The appointment effective from Feb 1 for a three year term was announced by Chairman of the Board of Directors of UKM Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Dr Mazlan Ahmad in a statement, today.

The appointment was made under Section 12 (6) of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia constitution and agreed upon by the Minister for Highter Eduction.

Dr Mazlan congratulated Prof Othman with the hope that all at UKM will give their full support to enable him to give his best to the university.

Prof Ir Dr Othman, 45, was UKM’s Chief Information Officer and a Senate Member.

He specialises in maritime civil engineering (Coastal Engineering); Environmental Hydraulics ; Computational Fluids Dynamics. He obtained PhD from the Univ. of Liverpool,UK in 1996.

Tahniah buat Prof. Othman! Semoga dapat menjalankan tugas dengan berdedikasi dan membawa perubahan yang lebih baik buat warga UKM.